Thursday, October 31, 2013

A witch is flying...

This is a good period for witches, isn't it? LOL

This one is an old project that was resting in a corner. Last week I took it in my hands again, I finished it and made a little pillow.

it is now in my witches collection, among all the other "girls" that came out for the occasion from their boxes and are enjoying some fresh air before flying tonight :D

I have two other witches to be stitched. one began last Sunday... will her need 4 years to be finished as it happened to this one??? we'll see....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finished!!! at last!

last year I had organized a SAL on this two patterns, 12 steps to stitch them all within Christmas (2012). 

I wanted to do even better: my mom has her birthday on the 27th of November and I wanted it to be a birthday/Christmas present... 

Well, it will be... in 2013 LOL. it took me a little more to complete the stitching work... just 9 further months more or less. :D

But I am very proud of the result! In this moment the work is out to be framed and I am looking forward the moment the worker will call me saying it is ready and I can go and fetch it ;-)

I will show you also the framed version, when it will be in my hands!!!