Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Christmas decoration

I have stitched a Christmas decoration in these days.
Here it is:
The pattern was of Romy's Creations as well as the wonderful shaded thread. I enjoied stitching it and even making the decoration right after the last stitch. For once, I didn't create an UFO. LOL!!!

This one will be a Christmas gift and I hope it will be apprecciated.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

SAL work in progress...

This is the year of many SALs! 
I am making many of them but I am also late with many of them... 
One of these, delaied of many steps is a Crib SAL I launched on my Italian language blog. It consists in stitching 2 nice patterns: Bethlehem and Three Kings of Imaginating. We are stitching them in 12 steps and we should be stitching the tenth right now.
Well... I... have just finished the sixth one!
here it is Bethlehem finished:
Now in the same piece of fabric, right under this one, I have started stitching the Three Kings.

I would like to give it to my mother for Christmas... will it be possible??? 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Round Robin finished (or almost finished)

In the last years I have left the adventures of Round Robin in a corner, expecially because of bad experiences due to the risks of Mail Services and the delaies that often happen to arrive...
but from time to time with a few friends we decide to make a small one, delivering the items by hands, without a timetable: just 4 friends who will stitch one for the other.
We are 4 in the Round Robin 11+26 and the name comes out from our birthdates: 3 of uss have birday on the 11th (2 in september and one in october) and one on the 26th (if I am not wrong... in may). We are stitching on dishclothes and the clothes are having some strange travels... in fact one was finished at the beginning of this year (I have it and still have to deliver it... gosh! thankfully the owner is a dear friend and she knows it is in good hands, just waiting to be delivered).
Another one got finished about 15 days ago. That's mine!!! While 2 still have to be finished, and one of these is in my hands waiting for me to work on it...
Here is my dishcloth:
I really love it!
It was stitched with an Anchor Multicolor floss and the patterns are from Bé Courtadet. They were all freebies I collected in the past: I gave to my friends a large amount of patterns to choose among so that they weren't too obliged in the choice.
Here there are the two other things I stitched for this RR:

and... I still have to stitch some Christmas Fairies in the last dishcloth...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a new blog...

I have been trying to keep an updated blog in English since a long time, with not good results to be honest.
Now Multiply has just announced that it is going to close down the social network and so also my poor forgotten English blog will be deleted...
I haven't been writing over there since a year more or less... so I don't think I will move the posts from the Multiply blog.
I will simplly restart with this new blog, hoping to be more efficient in updating it.
So, let me start this new experience