Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UFO, Work in progress and... SAL!!!

This year I have decided to make a SAL in my Italian language creative blog dedicated to Margaret Sherry.
The goal (mine) is to pick up 2 UFOs from my UFO's box and work on them. Hopefully I would also like to finish at least one of them!

Some friends of mine joined, each one with one or more Margaret Sherry pattern to stitch during the year with me.
My UFO's are Calendar Cats and Stitch in Time.

Calendar Cats is a kit I bought in march 2007, started to stitch it the same day it arrived in my mailbox or the next day, made 2 cats out of 12 in a few weeks and... on the third cat I stopped stitching it...
Until the 1st of January.

I have this strange cross stitch tradition I created some years ago: on the last day and on the first day of the year I have to finish a work, start a new one and make some XXX on the works I would surely like to stitch during the new year.
So I made some XXX on Calendar Cats too.

And this was the situation until yesterday:
Today during the lunch break I have started working on it once more and I am soooo happy! It isn't an easy pattern, because it is filled with blended floss, half stitches either on diagonal, vertical and orizontal, many colours, X put halway compared to the "normal ones"...
It requires a lot of attention to stitch these cats, but how lovely they are! What wonderful colours they have!
I really hope to make a lot of XXX on the fabric and it would be great to finish it!!
But there still is a long way before thinking how to frame the finished work, so... for the present I will concentrate my efforts on January cat... trying to finish it (and the above part of the writings) by the 20th of February when the first step will expire...

The second UFO is Stitch In Time. I bought it in 2009, when I was looking for some fabric for a blanket secret project I was organizing with other friends for the birth of the first baby of a common friend.
I was surfing through sewandso site lookig for the fabric when I saw these two lovely mouses and felt in love... and the kit felt in the shopping carter along with the fabric for the blanket!

I replaced the aida of the kit with a piece of that fabric because I am seriously convinced that Margaret Sherry's pattens don't deserve aida.
And I couldn't resist and started stitching it as soon as possible!
On the 1st of January I stitched a few XXX also on this one and here's the situation:
the photo is orrible, but it gives the idea of how little is the stitched part...
I plan to stitch on this pattern when I will be too tired to stitch on such a complicated work as Calendar Cats, hoping it will grow little by little a bit more than what it did in the last 3 years!!!

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  1. That's a big project but looks adorable already! :D
    And I also loooove 'Stitch in Time' =) I've stitched that some design ;) It's soooo cute!!
    Happy stitching to you!! Nia :D