Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beware the cats

if you will ever come to visit me, you'll have to be careful, because in my home there live many cats so it is better to hang up many messages out of my door (there already are 2 or 3...).

a few weeks ago I stitched a new one:

this means "beware the cats" and the sweet button-faces make clear how terrible my cats can be, don't they?

the bottons are homemade from an Italian girl. you can see her works in her blog.

the fabric, the thread and the nice trimmings are the works of Romina, another talented Italian girl who loves to dye.

you can imagine I love violet, I think it is clear! I even had bought 2 pots of violets of the same colour of the trimmings and thread. without even thinking about it! it simply is that I am crazy fond with violet!!!! LOL

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