Friday, May 3, 2013

next SAL

this is not the only one I am starting in these days: it is a period I am willing to start so many thing! but I must be careful, as I am probably starting new UFO's LOL

this one is a small one, so I have good chances to finish it... let's hope it!

here's what I am going to stitch with two friends of mine:
it is the creation of an Italian designer and I bought it in March in a nice cross-stitch fair.
when I saw those nice buttons and pins I couldn't resist!!! and I discovered that 3 other friends of mine didn't resist too.
one of them has already stitched it as she couldn't wait for it.
with the other two friends we decided to wait for May and stitch it together.

Yesterday I cut the fabric: a nice blue hand dyed.

and on Sunday we will start to work with our Needles. we have planned 4 steps: each one of a week, so it should be finished by the end of the month...

let's hope it... I repeat it! :D

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