Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring stitching

In March I stitched two little things.
The first one above here was for a contest launched fot Italian Stitchers by Mani di Donna.
You had to buy the pattern (and if you wanted also the buttons, made by Stitched Tales: I love her buttons, so I couldn't resist to them) and stitch it within the 7th of April.
For once in my life I had finished it very quicly and have also mounted it to be hanged before Easter in my home.

... and... I WON!!! The winner was choosen among all the people who had finished it in time, so I have really been lucky!
now I am waiting to receive the prize... will show it when it will reach me ;-)

This second little Spring pattern was a freebie made by Romy's Creation and it was supposed to be for another contest, but I was sure it won't suit me such a kind of contest as the winner in this case would have been the faster stitcher... AND I AM A VERY SLOW STITCHER!!!

I have stitched it with a floss dyed by Romy's Creation and added a butterfly button from Puntini Puntini.

When I finally finished the stitching... it took me more than 2 weeks... no comment, please... I framed it with an old Loop I don't use any more.

And now it is on the wall in my home. I love it and find it very in theme with this season. I like to have seasonal items :-)

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