Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finished works

I am not stitching too much, but since I last wrote here, something has been completed (even if a lot of works still have to find a real use...

in April I finished the Halloween SAL I had to complete before October 2014.

this was a free chart from San Man Originals that can be found in the site

I still have to decide what to make of it...

in May I finished the SAL created by the dear friend Francesca Cuoreditela:

and even for this one... still have no idea on how to use it... but it is so nice!!! ;-)

still in May, in Italy we have Mother's Day and I did this for my mom:

and this small but challenging tree from Renato Parolin

it took me 6 months or more to finish it... the challenge was for my eyes and the fabric... in winter light I couldn't see it easily
these trees are 5 of a series, so I still have to stitch 4 and then will decide how to use them... who knows when will it happen!!! LOL

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